by Attila Gyula Bal√°zs

“It’s a damn shame when you’ve paid for beautiful art design, a courageous cast, occasionally stunning effects, and ruin all with bad pacing. “

I give this film

Hereditary spends no time trying to make you feel good, meanwhile, it really doesn’t spend any time behaving like a good formula movie either. While it is not exactly predictable, by the time you reach the end, it doesn’t satisfy like a David Lynch film. It is hard to amount to the master of confusion, but there is a reason we only remember the master’s of that sacred art.
At the first moment we are in a room filled with gorgeous art, a miniature version of the life we are waiting to unfold. Visual stunning, the storytelling from the camera is barre none, some of the best I’ve ever seen in a horror film. Filled with grand motifs that stick around to the end. In this broken family, Milly Shapiro delivers a most bizarre character that drives your curiosity to the edge. Toni Collette, plays her mother Annie and Gabriel Byrne her father Steve They make it clear they suffer from a strained marriage, but it is not clear why they are together in the first place. It takes a toll as the movie progresses creating disbelief that it would ever have come this far in the first place. Their son Peter, (Alex Wolff) plays a less awkward stoner who, due to a tragic accident descends into a dark place emotionally. The cast did a great job and portraying a dysfunctional family. Their are few to no hints at what is to come next, and the horror is horrific, but not quite in the way this film was advertised.

I want to like Hereditary, hell, I want to love it, but there is one huge problem.

The pacing is terrible.

It’s a damn shame when you’ve beautiful art design, a courageous cast, occasionally stunning effects, and ruin all with bad pacing. It feels like director Ari Aster wanted to create a film that was not just Horror, but a stand alone drama with horror elements. The creates a level of mediocrity in both genres. therefore, a mediocre experience.¬†Hereditary has moments of greatness so long as you don’t fall in one of it’s many plot holes. The main literary element used is foreshadowing, which is either overly obvious or basically not there at all.

My bet is this movie will make you angry, just not in the way it was intended.

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