by Brad Bishop

“We walk by faith, not by sight.”

I give this film

The Book of Eli is a film about a post-apocalyptic America in which Eli, played by (Denzel Washington) travels by foot across the country with an unclear mission. He finds himself in caught in multiple instances of barbaric escapades when hordes of goons try and kill him and steal from him the one thing he holds dear, a book. His talent with blades and guns fends them off and he eventually arrives in a small jagged town with infamous leader Carnegie, who is played by (Gary Oldman). I found the many fight scenes orchestrated in a way that demonstrates a unique finesse about the main character that got you thinking that he had some sort of combat training.

In this reshaped society Carnegie only seeks after one thing that he can't fully describe which happens to be the book that Eli carries. During Eli's stay in the town he meets Solara, the daughter of Carnegie's mistress, played by (Mila Kunis) who befriends Eli and wants to escape the town she resides in and go with Eli to fulfill his mission. Seeing Mila not playing a self centered, spoiled bimbo for the first time really showed me what a great actress she really was, even though I pictured Meg from (Family Guy) half the time when she was speaking.

After escaping the town and Carnegie realizing that Eli had the book he so sought after, he gathered his goons and chased after him. After Eli and Solara escape a couple of instances of cannibals and have a final showdown with Carnegie, Eli is wounded and gives up the book to save Solara's life and he and her continue on their path to the destination that Eli was heading towards in the beginning. Carnegie realizes the book he so desired did him no good with the information it presented and he was left to fend himself off in the town that soon rejected him.

Eli and Solara arrive to the safe location and Eli reads off from the book which he had memorized and it is written word for word and archived safely away. Eli passes away from his wounds and Solara takes his place to travel across the post-apocalyptic America by herself with the combat skills she had picked up from Eli along the way.

Overall this is one of my favorite movies because when you first watch it you don't realize some of the things Eli is doing are miraculous and the action scenes are just way too cool. The story of this dystopian America is one of a kind and really keeps the audience on the edge of their seat and guessing what is going to happen next.


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