by Brad Bishop

“A movie so funny that you’ll forget it was full of action too!”

I give this film

The film starts off with a guy named Max, played by Jason Bateman  who enjoys a typical night out with some fun and games. He meets his ideal partner Annie (Rachel McAdams) and the two marry and begin having weekly game nights with their friends. On one particular night Max goes to his brother's house and plays a game far to real to be considered a game. Max's brother Brooks, played by Kyle Chandler is kidnapped and is mistaken for a ruse as a part of the game. In the end Max and Annie overcome the challenges involving finding his kidnapped brother, and learn that the kidnapping is a real kidnapping and are met with the wrath of a Bulgarian Kingpin named The Bulgarian (Michael C. Hall).  After Brooks gets saved and learns his valuable lesson not to be such a crumby brother. Max and Annie go back to the task of making a kid, because you know that's what every film you would take your girlfriend seeks to achieve.  Over all the movie is great and all but I can't see giving a lot of comedies more than a 6, just because it takes a lot more to get those higher stars in my movie reviews.

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