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Ladies Man

The Ladies Man

by Aaron Carpenter

“It’s a cult classic but there’s a reason why it took them almost ten years to make another SNL film.”

I give this film

Here is a classic skit from Saturday night live featuring the Ladies Man.

Looking back at this film, I nearly forgot how star-studded it was. Presenting actors like Billy Dee Williams, Karyn Parsons, and Will Farrell – this film carries a strong comedic structure but does not know how to use it. Just to reaffirm readers that Saturday Night Live has been a strong foundation of American Comedy for decades, but finding the proper medium has been quite the challenge over the years. There is also the quality of aging in a film and most SNL based films don’t reach that mark, “The Ladies Man” is unfortunately one of them.
This film continues to focus on its current time circa 2000 and like Wayne’s World and The Coneheads, all jokes and references are from that time or prior. This film is still one of my favorites out of the SNL movie lot, the chemistry that characters like Leon Phelps has on the scenarios a bit cheeky yet you see the comedic punchline unfold. The same chemistry that interacts with other characters like Billy Dee Willams’ Lester I felt were one of the funniest moments. As Lester is the narrator of the entire film, Leon always happens to hear and questions Lester’s sanity in doing so. There is also the comedic presence of Will Farrell and his character Lance Delune, this film was in Farrell’s early career, if you are a fan you can see how he’s evolved over the years. At the same time, you see how well he portrays individuals who try to stable themselves but don’t know how.
Farrell has always had a character who could express this in the most hilarious of ways. There is a scene where the mob (formed by Farrell’s character) breaks out in song and dance to search for Leon; to kill him for sleeping with their wives. The song and dance a comedic gesture to them striving to keep their man-hood. The random awkward feeling you may get when watching this scene and others throughout the film allows you to recognize the negative review that some people may have against this film. That being stated, ever since the early 2000’s of SNL comedic run, there has always been a desire to add the raunchiest, crude, and abstract comedy to content. The Ladies Man, with its “R” rating tries to reach that goal but instead leaves a weird taste and still don’t see why it received the rating that it did with there being no strong sexual content except the nude scene of a stunt man in place of Tim Meadows‘ ┬áLeon Phelps is shown but nothing else.
Even when the word “fuck” is used in a film, that would imply that the film should have an “R” rating but even that is absent from the film. This may have been a stunt to pull to gain more viewers, never less I still categorize this film as a cult classic. As newer films featuring SNL cast members come forth (The Spy Who Dumped MeKate McKinnon), I do grow curious as to how they will change the raunchy SNL scenery. As American society continues to change and become more aware, there lies a question of how push crude humor to the next level.
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