by Wilson Powerz

“Thinking that not only would bringing dinosaurs back from the dead would be cool, but could also go horribly wrong!”

I give this film

There’s a lot to be said about a film’s story that is so ambitious to go as far as thinking that not only would bringing dinosaurs back from the dead would be cool, but could also go horribly wrong!
However that’s not how I wish to portray this epic story to you in this review. From the beginning of the film you already have a sense that something big is about to happen, even if you didn’t know it was about dinosaurs before watching it. As the movie takes a sudden turn from an employee being devoured, to seeing a bunch of paleontologists working in Montana (fun fact, the dinosaur fossil capital of the world), you can start to feel more depth to this film. As most horror movies go, someone getting killed and then outsourcing to solve the issue at hand, you start to get mixed feelings about what’s happening. You want to feel the same ambition as the man who everyone ends up calling Colonel Sanders, but at a point you can’t help but agree with Jeff Goldblum in his iconic statement of life finding a way. Once you come back to reality and can finally stop thinking about Jeff Goldblum, I mean Dinosaurs, you continue to feel the film getting deeper. From the moment you hear the monsterous footsteps it’s almost as though you’re no longer watching a fun movie about dinosaurs, but in fact watching an unfortunate series of events unfold as nature slowly reminds you that these creatures can’t be trained or contained. The word Dinosaur itself means “Killer Lizard”, a translation that’s not easily overlooked as the plot unfolds.
For just a moment I want you to think back to when you watch it, and maybe try to notice this if you’re perhaps seeing it for the first time. Try and think about that subtle feeling. The feeling that keeps you enticed into thinking about what it would be like if you could be there with them, walking along side the dinosaurs. It’s an important feeling that I think every movie should portray, but I have to say this one does it best. No matter how bad or intense things got in every scene, you can’t help but want to be there seeing the dinosaurs in person. It would be the most surreal experience to see those big beautiful bastards up close!
This is what I expect from every movie. I want to feel as though I can be apart of the film, picturing myself in the actors shoes.
Now personally, I saw this when I was only 5 years old. Wasn’t the best decision my mother ever made. I didn’t leave the house for weeks on end, and when she finally confronted me about it and asked “What’s the matter son?” I had to pathetically tell her that I was just too scared to get eaten for thinking that there would be those dreaded raptors around every corner.
After having been many years, I went back and watched it with an open mind. Enjoying all the hard work they put into, and appreciating all the practical things they did to make it work.
No matter who you are. Even if you don’t like dinos, sci fi, and plot twists (for whatever reason), I encourage you to do yourself a favor and go back to watch this movie. It truly is an instant classic, and has set a standard for many filmmakers.
I hope you enjoyed reading my review. And I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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