A damsel in distress enlists the crypto crew to save her from a terrifying electrified scarecrow.

Henry Blue and the Crypto Crew: The Electrified Scarecrow was made as part of the #OKC48 48 hour film project. Writer Director A.G. Balázs wrote the script in 3 hours while the producers went straight to work in securing all the necessities to make the film work. This ambitious project not only was crunched by a deadline, but included animals, visual effects, and original animations that helped bring the vintage style of classic cartoons to life.

“While is was a great challenge to get everything done in time,” Balazs says, “it was an incredible and fun experience. Working with a team that was capable is the only thing that made it possible. I can’t wait for next year.”

cast & crew
starring (in order of appearance)
Catcher Stair as Harry
Kami King as Daisy
Gavin Taylor as Johnny
Jo Ashley Moore as Bex
Kyle Penington as Dr. James Banks
Lenore Smith as Rachel
Attila Gyula Balazs as the Voice of the Puppets
Henry as Henry Blue

A film by A.G. Balázs
1st AD Brad Bishop
Gaffer Nicko MIranda
Sound Chris Bourland and Chris Sokolow
HMUA Billie McDaniel
Composer Henry McMinn
Post Production at Elephant Treehouse
Lead Editor and VFX Attila Balazs
Animation Marissa Pruett
Assistant Editor Wilson Powerz
Producers Jennifer Stair, Jeff King, Attila Balazs

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