Sierra Brown – Now You Know

Sierra Brown always played music. In school, she excelled at classical guitar as an international player and contestant. When she graduated, she began the process of turning her musical dreams into reality. She was quickly signed to an L.A. label and, after 2 successful years, decided to take complete control over her musical journey.
“I really wanted to take the meaning behind the song and transpose it into visual poetry.” Director Attila Gyula Balazs says, “I’ve known Sierra for years and watch her grow into the amazing artist she is now. It’s always incredible to witness talent honed into a perfect skill. We had talked about making music videos in the past, but the serendipitous events that were to follow couldn’t have been scripted.”
White Rabbit, is a professional fire artist who, much like Sierra, has been performing her entire life. What began as a love of movement quickly turned into a scholarship for ballet. While never considering it as a profession until she discovered the Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus Arts. After extensive study and training, White Rabbit has been traveling the United States performing and spreading awareness of culture and gender identity. “The decision to create something so beautiful as this video was, I think, a natural conclusion of very talented artists doing nothing more than being themselves”
This video is the contained organic efforts of several artists from different walks of life, but the theme is universal. remembering the former self through an array of static memories, like a VHS tape found under the root of a tree.

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